12 October – Somalia’s Flag Day

Our flag is today torn, discarded and ignored. The very people who should have protected it are now fighting clannish and personal wars and for over 17 years, they have refused statehood and therefore the hoisting of our blue flag with the white star in the middle.

But the silent majority and the millions of Somalis who have been killed, made homeless and denied their rights will one day stand in fury and raise high the Somali flag and will put it among the flags of the nations of the world.

We pray to God to put sense into the heads of our warlords and medialords and tribal┬álords and make possible things to flow back to normal and restore Somalia’s glory and our flag’s honor. Amen.

What a better medium than to listen to that icon of Somali songs Maryan Mursal and her touching song of Somali Udiida Ceeb (Prevent shame from Somalia).

God bless Somalia. God bless us all.