As I write this note

As I write this note the world is in turmoil. September’s face was solemn on the 11th as we remembered the Twin Towers bombing and the hundreds who fell. We had Wall Street bringing down a global economic slowdown as the mortgage crisis started a domino effect that saw the bankruptcy of financial and insurance institutions. This uncertainty was felt not only in London and other global cities but even in Mogadishu where there is no effective government. September also saw the first debate of McCain and Obama.

In the middle of this was born the Somalia Recorder. An attempt to jot dow my views on news across Somalia and around me.

The current turmoil is cyclic and the $700b bailout now going through Congress and other measures by the Capitol and Corporate USA are hoped to resolve it and the battered and limping global economy to be back on track. But before that there will sure be a lot of frights and freaky moments.

My freakiest moment will be when I throw in the towel and realize that my last post to Somalia Recorder was 28SEP08 and I had written only the first post and then took a journey into eternal sleep! Did I mention a $700b rescue for my September bubble? Must have been watching TV too long!

September bubble? Is Somalia Recorder my September bubble? Come October we will know!