No to Savagery in Somalia – The Case of Aisha

Recently an incident occurred in Somalia’s Kismayo city that shocked most of the Somalis and showed the savagery some of the Somali radical factions are capable of.

A young girl, Aisha Ibrahim Dhuholow, who was 14 years old according to her father (23 according to the Islamic kangaroo court that ended her life) was stoned to death because she reportedly committed adultery.

The spokesman for the radical faction Alshabab that rules Kismayo, Sheikh Hassan Yakoub Ali was interviewed by VOA Somali service and stated that the girl was 23 years old, married(making adultery pubishable by death as opposed to lashings for unmarried women) and came to the authorities by herself reporting that 3 men raped her. The authorities arrested the men and soon their kangaroo court passed not a religious verdict but a ruling that reflected the tribal balance in the area and proved what you may call the jungle law in Somalia which is the survival of the most powerful.

The girl was coerced into saying the 3 arrested men were 3 men she made consensual sex with, that the 3 men who raped her are still at large and that she admits adultery and accepts the court’s ruling.  In no time, she was stoned to death in front of a large crowd in front of the old stadium with poor Aisha screaming as she was led to a pit up to her shoulders and stoned, dragged out 3 times to check if she died. Unable to bear, some of her relatives tried to run towards her and were frightened with a barrage of bullets killing a child.

VOA interviewed her father who is in a refugee camp who challenged everything the spokesman claimed. The girl was only14 years old, not married and indicated that she did not understand what was at stake. He also condemned claiming this was murder and he would request full compensation. The girl’s sister was as shocked and claimed that they have not approached the girl’s family as required.

I am shocked as every Somali was shocked. The whole world is shocked. How can the victim who reported a rape be the one who ends up dead unless there is foul play and bad intention? How can the spokesman sheepishly tell us that the 3 rapists at large would be brought to justice when the only witness to the rape who is the victim is stoned to death? How can it be possible for a rape victim to identify the rapists and then change the story unless under duress?  This reminds us of the May 2006 Islamic courts similar kangaroo court when they forced a 16 year old boy to stab continuously a man who reportedly killed his father in from of thousands of people in Mogadishu (picture  on the right).

Somalis are shocked by this incident and condemn it. In a popular site, the story attracted over 150 comments from Somalis and a sample of these indicated an outright 10 to 1 rejection and condemnation of this inhumane act. Like the Somalis, the world also expressed outrage and condemnation both at individual, state and organizational levels.

It is illiterate people like these with misguided concepts and sick minds who mete out cannibalistic acts that are not only unislamic but break every rule of the Koran, the Towrah, Bible and human thinking.

May Allah rest Aisha’s soul in peace and lighten the hardship on her parents and Friends.

As for those who did this heinous act, we Somalis and the world will not forget and will not forgive.


One Response to “No to Savagery in Somalia – The Case of Aisha”

  1. Lizzy Nelson Says:

    We have heard about this case in the U.S. and are heartsick.

    All members of Alshabab who did not try to stop this shocking crime need to fall on their knees before God and beg his forgiveness. Then they need to commit their lives to fighting the kind of attitude that led to this murder.

    Such hard hearts they have! A girl comes to them for help and they turn on her.

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